Our Firm

Katz & co. Advocates was established in 1999 by Adv. Benny Katz and has rapidly become one of the leading firms in the field of criminal law. Our office specializes in criminal law, mainly white collar, offenses, banking matters and enforcement issues.

Benny Katz Law Office focuses on delivering efficient, personal and energetic service with a vision of excellence, innovation and professionalism. Our lawyers are truly committed to and display a warm attitude towards our clients.
The office has earned its reputation based on successful representations and thanks to our creativity and thorough a client-centric approach that is tailored to the client’s requirements.

Adv. Katz represents senior officials from the business world, key public figures, and high ranking officials in money laundering crime investigations/prosecutions, theft by an authorized person, embezzlement, financial crimes, extradition laws, antitrust law, disciplinary proceedings, hearings (state comptroller report), sexual harassment and more. 

A former senior Israeli police official

Adv. Katz, a former senior Israeli police official, state prosecutor, legal consultant, and acting head of the investigations department of for the Israeli police.

Today, he is highly appreciated by the clients of the firm due to his unique abilities to construct a legal strategy, manage risks, and to follow them through dynamically during an investigation.

Adv. Benny Katz has written several ground-breaking publications, which form to this day protocol direction to police investigators, with a focus on training for advanced interrogation methods.

Adv. Katz is a reserve captain, served as a combatant in the Anti-Air unit of the Israeli Air Force, and among other things, he belongs to the Military Advocate General. He is formerly a professional basket player including international representation in the national team of the State of Israel.

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